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BXE Capital is a digital asset management firm founded in 2017, which invests in blockchain-centric technologies through a diversified portfolio of digital assets and asset companies. BXE’s Managing Partner, Josh Finkleman, has over 20 years of experience in leading fintech companies, particularly in the payments sector. He has been investing in the digital assets space since 2014 and has weathered multiple market cycles.

BXE Capital aims to offer exposure to the most promising, cutting-edge, blockchain-based networks via a diversified portfolio approach. We believe that blockchain technologies are going to fundamentally disintermediate nearly every major market in the world and become as ubiquitous as the internet.

Our Philosophy

BXE Capital has been investing in core infrastructure to capture the digital asset market growth in a diversified way.

BXE believes that blockchain technologies have begun to fundamentally disintermediate traditional markets. We expect that the digitization of assets will be a dominant trend over the coming decades, and we believe that early investors in the digital economy can capture outsized returns during this migration.

BXE Capital provides investors with the ability to own a portfolio of critical networks and infrastructure projects that provide real solutions for the digital asset ecosystem. By focusing on tokenized assets, we are able to offer liquid exposure to investments that have traditionally only been available in private, venture capital markets.


BXE believes that owning high-quality, dominant digital assets is the best way to capture appreciation from the mass migration away from traditional markets and into digital assets.


BXE utilizes several different strategies in order to add alpha and reduce our correlation with the broader market.


Our liquid token fund provides us with optionality, which we believe is an essential asset in this rapidly evolving industry.

Why Crypto And Why BXE?

BXE Capital offers several benefits for investing in the digital asset space.

Our liquid token strategies provide us with optionality, which we believe is an essential asset in this rapidly evolving industry

Fund Structure
We believe that BXE Capital will be able to capture venture capital-like returns with much better liquidity than traditional venture capital investments.

Market Exposure
We own growing, dominant networks in areas where there is a significant barrier to entry facing potential competitors.

Research Process
BXE utilizes fundamental research in order to protect investor capital and gain an advantage over the market.

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