How are we different?

We believe that active management is essential when investing in this space. What sets BXE apart from other investment alternatives is our digital asset market experience, our focus on portfolio liquidity, and our mandate to own the highest-quality projects available.



Our team’s passion for digital assets and experience in capital markets are key to our success. BXE was the first digital asset management firm in the state of Colorado, has been operating since 2017, and has weathered what the industry would consider multiple bear markets since inception. Outside of the venture capital community, BXE believes there are very few digital asset investors that have fundamental investment backgrounds, portfolio management experience, or experience in trading liquid markets.

Fund Structure

Crypto has traditionally been viewed as an asset class that best lends itself to illiquid, private investments through venture capital funds. However, BXE’s token-led approach offers access to these same, early-stage investments in a much more liquid format. We believe that BXE Capital will be able to capture venture capital-like returns with much better liquidity than traditional venture capital investments.

Market Exposure

Our investments are designed to capture the broad growth of digital asset markets. We are not interested in chasing market fads, overly concentrating in any particular sector or investing in projects that are in the earliest stages of their life cycles. We seek to own growing, dominant networks in areas where there is a significant barrier to entry facing potential competitors.