How do we get there?

BXE believes that a majority of a digital asset portfolio should be focused on liquid, core infrastructure investments, and that blockchain technologies have begun to fundamentally disintermediate traditional markets, though we’re still in the early stages of digital asset adoption.

As well, digital asset markets are currently among the most inefficient in the world. As this market is largely dominated by retail flow with minimal understanding of underlying fundamentals, prices often do not reflect a protocol’s intrinsic value. With radical financial innovation and growth comes radical investment returns and opportunity.

As the digital economy continues to rapidly evolve, we believe that a flexible, high quality, liquid portfolio should thrive.


BXE believes that owning high-quality, dominant digital assets is the best way to capture appreciation from the mass migration away from traditional markets into digital assets. The Jagger Fund is invested in networks with real world use cases, significant user adoption, and supply/demand dynamics that can keep competition at bay and drive value to token holders. The fund does not take risk on projects or protocols that are still in the proof-of-concept stage, but rather focuses on the “picks and shovels” and “toll road” names within a particular sector.


BXE uses a multi-faceted approach in managing capital within digital asset markets. In addition to the Jagger Fund’s core holdings across the highest quality projects, the fund is also invested in tactical themes, special situations strategies with clear catalysts, and a variety of yield-generating strategies. By combining many different strategies together, we are able to add alpha and reduce our correlation with the broader market.


The Jagger Fund invests in a portfolio of digital assets via a diversified, liquid token fund. Most of our tokens have a return and risk profile similar to early-stage venture investing, but they offer much better liquidity than traditional venture capital. This allows us to make rapid changes to the portfolio, such as changing our minds when we are wrong or harvesting gains as positions reach our valuation targets. We believe that the optionality provided by this liquidity is an essential asset in this rapidly evolving industry.